Workshop werken in Nederland (voor expats) —NL?—

• Goal
After completing the workshop werken in Nederland the student will be better able to assess which behavioral expectations the Dutch employer has of its employees.

• Content
In this training we’ll explain some of the peculiarities of the Dutch, and how that translates into expectations for the behavior of the professional in Dutch organizations.
The approach to the training is accessible and interactive. The experiences and input of the participants are crucial to the success of the training. The trainer will use examples from their own experience, video material, tests and exercises.
The training consists of four topics:

1. The Dutch cultural profile
To work in the Netherlands you have to know the Dutch. What is the cultural make-up of the Dutch and in what aspects do they differ from the participant’s culture?

2. Values of the Dutch professional
Knowing the values of the Dutch will help the participant understand what their future employer en coworkers expect of them.

3. What is expected of you?
How do the Dutch values translate into expected behavior? We’ll discuss concepts such as efficiency, planning, initiative (and more) in their cultural context. The goal is for the participant to understand why certain concepts are so important to the Dutch, which will help the participant integrate into the Dutch professional environment.

4. Dealing with stereotyping
What is the influence of stereotyping on the participant’s chances of having a successful career in the Netherlands? What can you do about it?

• Doelgroep: Studenten en professionals die overwegen of net gestart zijn met een stage, afstudeeropdracht, promotieonderzoek of werk in Nederland.

• Maximum aantal deelnemers: 20

• Taal: Nederlands, Engels, Duits (andere talen op aanvraag)

• Duur: 1 dagdeel – 1 dag



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